Vaccines Episode 3

2:00 Robert Kennedy Jr. first got involved with vaccines due to his work concerning clean water. Since mercury is one issue relating to water purity and the fact it gets into fish and then into humans, dots began to connect when a woman with a vaccine injured child approached him & gave him some of the science on vaccines. His interest in environmental law has made him comfortable reading science and he found that there are hundreds of studies showing mercury causes human and animal illness. It’s all on pubmed. And many studies link mercury to Autism.

8:30 There is a huge amount of money from the pharmaceutical companies to the press. He was told that up to 70% of advertising dollars on a non election year can come from pharmaceuticals. There are essentially 6 companies controlling all the media.

10:30 He feels that the idea that children are going to die if they don’t get vaccinated needs to be parsed and explored. He calls this idea a myth.

11:20 CDC is part of the vaccine industry. It’s a captive agency phenomenon. CDC buys and sells over 4 billion in vaccines a year. Both CDC & FDA own vaccine patents and the advisory committees are composed of people who have direct financial ties to vaccines. In 1999 Paul Offit, on the payroll of Merck, sat on the advisory committee of immunization practices and voted to add Rotavirus virus to the schedule, while he had a patent on Rotavirus, and it created an opening for his vaccine which became enormously profitable. He sold it for 186 million 6 years later. He personally made around 29 million from this. This was not illegal under CDC rules. Up to 97% of the folks on the vaccine advisory committee have this sort of conflict of interest.

18:54 Some of these vaccines are brought to market little testing, and certainly not the sort of testing required for other pharmaceuticals (double blind placebo testing over large populations). In 1987, the Vaccine Act created a gold rush in the vaccine business. The profits are huge and there are no consequences for the vaccine industry for injuries.

20:35 The mercury exposure to children has gone from 70 micrograms to 237 micrograms and in 1989, the epidemic in neurological disorders started occuring in children. (ADD, ADHD, tics, necropsy, seizure disorder, anaphylaxis, autism, ASD)

23:18 Autism dramatically exploded. Genes do not cause epidemics, environmental toxins do. The epidemic was across the board except for the unvaccinated populations such as the Amish.

28:30 How can we tell moms not to eat mercury in fish as it causes birth defects, and yet push vaccines? Offit and the CDC states that ethyl mercury (the mercury in vaccines is supposedly is excreted in a week) is not as bad as methyl mercury (from fish and remains in the blood for 54 days) as it is excreted quickly. When Kennedy asked Offit for the studies, the one they use was faulty as the author never showed where the mercury went. It was not excreted in the urine, feces, hair, or nails – where did it go? Is it really being excreted?

31:30 A monkey study revealed that the mercury in vaccines does leave the blood stream quickly, but necroscopy revealed it easily cross the blood brain barrier and was ending up in the brain. A study also showed that the mercury in vaccines is twice as toxic due to its ability to metabolize into organic mercury at twice the rate of the mercury found in fish. When Kennedy spoke to Offit, he backpedaled and stated that a whole mosaic of studies show the safety. When asked to produce them, he never did.  Sign up for free research, news and updates about vaccines.

1:07:00  Scott and Melissa Miller, filmmakers, created the film Vaccine Syndrome about the horrific reactions in the military to the Anthrax vaccine as well as the fraud.

1:13:00 shows a clip of the film Vaccine Syndrome.  Heart wrenching.

1:16:36 – 20 min version of VAXXED.  Includes whistleblower, William Thompson’s, information revealing the corruption in the CDC.  Includes Bill Gates stating Dr. Wakefield is a fraud and vaccines do not cause Autism.  Please see:  before you make up your own mind.

1:29:25  When Wakefield recommended parents opt for single vaccines over multiple ones given at the same time, the UK and Merck in the US made unilateral decisions to disallow this, and Wakefield was told the reason was essentially a business one which was not based on the health of children.

When Thompson graphed things out he found that young black boys had a 236% greater chance of getting autism after receiving the MMR vaccine.

Pharma basically owns the media outlets.  If we want something to change, WE the people have to do it.  Write your representatives and senators, and educate your family and friends.

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