Recently, a California attorney, Barbara Arnold, represented a Lyme patient which led to a court order recognizing Chronic Lyme as a legal basis to claim federal disability benefits.

Arnold, a Lyme patient herself, understands what patients go through and has appeared before government officials many times before on the behalf of patients.  She also understands that chronic Lyme patients often aren’t approved for SSDI benefits because they can’t “prove” they have Lyme due to the poor CDC two-tier testing in which half of the cases are missed.

In Moores v. Colvin, a federal district court ruled in favor of a Lyme patient seeking SSDI benefits even when laboratory evidence falls short of the CDC’s two-tiered testing, and that laboratory findings of limited antibody reactivity to Borrelia burgdorferi, when interpreted by a treating physician, an ILADS standard, meet the evidentiary threshold for proving a “medically determinable impairment” under Social Security Law – a first of its kind.

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