The CDC was recently given a letter by a lawyer outlining the fact the CDC has been censoring public statements by withholding and editing what people write on its public forum.  Evidently the tactic worked as they just started posting those comments.

In the link in blue above, James Weiler posts an article written by Ms. Mary Holland, a Research Scholar at NYU School of Law who studies vaccine law and policy. She has published a book and several law review articles in this area and is on the advisory boards of several non-profits, which advocate informed consent to vaccines.

Holland cites controversies over the safety and effectiveness of the MMR and MMRX vaccines and that the DHS should not change vaccine information statements until state and federal courts have had a chance to deal with lawsuits relating to Merck scientists who state corporate executives knowingly falsified effectiveness results from the mumps component as well as a CDC scientist recently stated he and his colleagues knowingly manipulated and falsified vaccine safety regarding MMR vaccine correlation with Autism.  Further, Dr. Poul Thorsen, a key CDC scientist on MMR vaccine safety has been indicted on 22 federal felony counts, including wire fraud and money laundering – in an attempt to steal grand money the CDC had awarded to governmental agencies in Denmark for autism research.