Dr. Frid – Neuro Lyme

  Approx. 19 min.

Published on Nov 21, 2016  FOX5NY
The full interview with Dr. Elena Frid for Lyme & Reason 2.0.

Excellent interview with Dr. Frid on Neurological Lyme. http://www.elenafridmd.com  She is honest and humble enough to give patients credit for teaching her a lot about Lyme Disease.  She also states it’s imperative to deal with autoimmune issues throughout treatment.

Dr. Frid sees clients with complex Neuro-Lyme manifestations which often hide behind other illnesses including: Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, Autism, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many others.

She frequently collaborates on complex pediatric cases with Dr. Charles Ray Jones, a world leading pediatric Lyme disease specialist with over 40 year career experience in dealing with children with Lyme disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Frid lends her expertise to various organizations and news programs by speaking about Lyme disease and its effect on the nervous system. She has been featured on NY1 news, 710 talk radio, interviewed for a Fox News Special on Lyme disease as well as various podcasts. She offers her medical knowledge to patients on her YouTube channel with weekly posts of interesting and complex cases that she comes across in her practice.

To stay connected and up-to-date with Dr. Frid’s monthly newsletter and weekly YouTube posts as well as other announcements please follow the News Link to subscribe. http://www.elenafridmd.com/copy-of-news

  Approx. 1 hour  FOX5NY

Published on Nov 18, 2016
A replay of a Facebook Live chat.

FOX5NY started doing pieces on Lyme Disease due to Lew Leone, vice president and general manager of WNYW-FOX 5 and WWOR-My9, FOX Television Stations’ New York duopoly.  While saddened to hear his wife has LD, we are the grateful recipients of his desire and ability to give this pandemic and epidemic the air time it deserves.

Thank you Mr. Leone and FOX5NY!

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