Published on Sep 8, 2016

Dr. Jay Davidson gives a half hour long interview with Dana Walsh (appeared in the documentary “Under Our Skin,” the best primer on Lyme Disease) and Brent Martin.

They discuss the obstacles individuals with Lyme or other illnesses have to face and how to overcome them. Brent and Dana help build a support community and teach everyone how to better their lives.

Show Details:

1:20 – How Dana and Brent fit into the lyme world
3:00 – Background on Dana
4:40 – How helps
12:54 – Seasonal “sessions” for healing the body
19:25 – Dealing with emotional trauma
25:45 –  Go to this website to sign up for FREE 12-Day Access to the Lyme Less Live More “Core Series.”  There are also other informative videos on this website with Dr. Klinghardt and much more.