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Dr. Samuel Shor, FACP is the new ILADS president, and the three new members on the ILADS Board of Directors are Dr. Sam Rahbar, Dr. Phillip DeMio, and Dr. Stephen Bock.

636 papers were listed on PubMed in 2015 that were either related to Lyme Disease, borreliosis, or Borrelia burgdorferi.  This is good news as medical professionals commonly use PubMed to look for research.

Upcoming opportunity:  

Dr. Brian Fallon’s group at Columbia University is about to launch a new study that includes comprehensive assessment of patients with chronic post-treatment Lyme pain as well as treatment. They’re hoping to be able to find alternative treatment for patients with persistent pain who have already had considerable antibiotic therapy. The assessment includes multiple modalities, including a functional MRI and MR Spectroscopy component. The treatment involves two medication therapies – one that impacts the neuroepinephrine pathways for chronic pain and the other which targets the glutamatergic pathways. The assessments and treatment are free of charge to the patient.

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