Word For the Day: Bontport

Lyme Disease and the various co-infections that often accompany it are a world-wide issue, and Regina Welchert writes a compelling article about the condition in South Africa.   http://www.lymenation.net/lymescape-south-africa/

While the official position there is identical to the U.S., that there isn’t any chronic Lyme, a local doctor states that not only are lions dying by the scores from it, but that every second patient he treats has it.  And the kicker is that while there are 100 known strains here, there are over 300 in Africa.

Bontport is the Afrikanns word for tick – which by the way, has sticky legs to make it automatically cling to whatever poor soul it lands upon.

Unknown  Used from Lyme Nation, posted March 11, 2014

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