Proclaiming that the PSYOP, I mean COVID ‘pandemic’, is is a “different phase,” the White House announced that May 11 is the end of most shot mandates for federal employees, international contractors, Head Start employees, and health care workers at many hospitals.  Health insurance coverage for virus testing and injections as well as mandatory lab reporting of COVID data will also come to an end.  There will likely be changes in policy for public gatherings such as sporting events.  Source

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Resigns

Petition filed at US Attorney’s Office court alleges that Walensky was never lawfully sworn into office to begin with.

MAY 5, 2023


Who is that masked woman? De facto CDC Director Walensky was sworn in as a Senior Advisor.

AP is reporting that Director Rochelle Walensky just resigned from her office as CDC Director. For many readers of this Substack, Walensky is perhaps best remembered for her August 5, 2021 admission that the so-called COVID-19 “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

Given that the RNA virus initially replicates in the nose, it was already evident to many when the new shots were rolled out that these products—designed to induce the production of antibodies in the blood— would NOT prevent infection and transmission. This is because antibodies in the blood have limited interaction with a pathogen replicating in the nose.  

For some reason it seems the CDC was slow to recognize this. After Walensky entered office in early 2021, she assured the public that the new vaccines did indeed prevent infection and transmission.

According to the AP report, Walensky did not, in her resignation letter, explain why she was stepping down, though she apparently referenced today’s WHO declaration that the COVID-19 state of emergency is no longer in effect. This comes just six days prior to the pre-announced expiration of the HHS declared state of COVID-19 emergency.

To be sure, many Americans have not perceived COVID-19 to be a public emergency for some time. However, as readers of this Substack are aware, the PREP Act provides innumerable benefits to those engaged in the great business of “Emergency Countermeasures.” As one might say here in my great state of Texas, the Countermeasures business has been damn good to a lot of folks where were positioned to benefit from the emergency.

Walensky’s resignation comes just three weeks after an intriguing petition was submitted to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia, pointing out that she did not—as required by 5 U.S. Code § 3332—adhere to the following requirement:

An officer, within 30 days after the effective date of his appointment, shall file with the oath of office required by section 3331 of this title an affidavit that neither he nor anyone acting in his behalf has given, transferred, promised, or paid any consideration for or in the expectation or hope of receiving assistance in securing the appointment.

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This is seriously more interesting than anything on TV.

It will be interesting to see whether she lands on her feet working for Big Pharma or industry where she can powerfully guide these companies due to her experience working for the CDC.  

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The continued revolving door between government and the very industries it regulates must end.


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