New mRNA vaccine factory is made from shipping containers

Each “BioNTainer” can produce 50 million COVID-19 vaccine doses per year.
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Important excerpt:
Although this administration claims to follow the science, they instead follow the Bourla. Their policies have been dictated to them by Pfizer, and work to keep Pfizer shareholders rich. I fear that many of the key players here— Marks, Jha, Walensky and Califf— will go to work for Pfizer at the end of their term; just as Scott Gottlieb former FDA commish has.

FDA Has No Bar to Lower on Bivalent Boosters: YOUR ACTION is Needed to Hold them to Standard

FDA cannot go any lower than to ignore the absence of legally required data from Pfizer on myocarditis

FDA has thrown out, once again, even any pretense of being serious about paying attention to data on vaccine safety and efficacy and appears ready to rubber stamp Pfizer’s bivalent booster.

Due to FDA’s reckless actions, Americans will now only be pressured/ cajoled/ manipulated/ coerced into accepting an annual unproven vaccine. Children and older Americans will be coerced into accepting two doses of bivalent shot, with the idea that perpetual boosters at unspecified time intervals will follow.

URGENT CALL TO ACTION – What You Can Do To Help: Contact your Congressional representatives and Senators and send them this article and demand censure of the FDA by the US House of Representatives an incorruptible civilian oversight board over HHS on vaccine safety (The Research Intelligence Network). With thousands of emails and phone calls, we’ll bring the lack of sufficient oversight by the FDA to the forefront of the ongoing issues and force them to do their jobs.

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