Warning from German Health Minister!! – Immunodeficiency after COVID infection

Or more appropriately, after injection?
Approx. 11 Min
 “It’s sad that at this stage we still have to be speaking in code.  But we do.  And it’s important for people to read between the lines and recognize that at the end of the day science is what we have to follow. We have to become determined that no matter what we are looking at, we mustn’t be afraid to face it. That seems to be the challenge that we have today.”
“Sadly at the moment, it seems that politics and finance seems to be leading most of the charge.  ~Dr. Philip McMillan

Headline NTV/Politics – 21st January 2023:

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It is important to note that the unmentioned elephant in the room is covid “vaccines.”

The mechanism of immunodeficiency through vaccination is four fold:

  • SARS-COV2 infection causes transient T and B cell immune depletion. That is a normal part of the immune changes. However, natural immunity prevents recurrent infection.
  • Covid “vaccines” impact on the immune response to cause a mainly spike furin epitope antibody response which is not effective against Omicron.
  • Recurrent Omicron infection leads to interferon suppression and immune dysregulation in those that are vulnerable (vaccinated and interferon autoantibodies)
  • Covid “vaccines” also increase the risk for interferon autoantibodies which exacerbates the risk of recurrent infection.

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