What it’s like to live with brain fog

By Lindsey Bever, Washington Post

Haze. Slow. Drunk. Lost. These are the words some people use to describe “brain fog.”

The condition, a form of cognitive dysfunction, has been plaguing people with certain chronic illnesses for years. But now, a new wave of people with long covid are experiencing it, casting a spotlight on the often debilitating condition.

“It’s a moment where the public and the medical community are realizing that this is real. This is what happens after certain infections,” said Akiko Iwasaki, a professor of immunobiology at Yale University and a co-author of a review article on covid-19-related cognitive impairment.




Long before COVID even existed, Lyme/MSIDS patients have suffered for decades with brain fog.

Per usual, dealing with the underlying infections will either improve or ameliorate this condition all together.  Detoxing also helps as well as balancing hormones, supplementing for deficiencies, dealing with mold, MCAS, and/or any other issue that is negatively affecting the immune system.  Diet is key and certain foods alone can cause brain fog.

Like everything with Lyme/MSIDS, it’s complex.

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