Last night, our auditors at received Dr. Anthony Fauci’s FY2021 financial disclosures from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The documents contain a wealth of previously unknown information. For example, the Fauci household’s net worth now exceeds $12.6 million — up $5 million from 2019 through 2021.

In January 2022, U.S. Sen. Roger Marshall (R.-K.S.) forced open Fauci’s unredacted FY2019 and 2020 financial disclosures. The release followed a heated senate exchange between Fauci and Marshall that concluded with Fauci calling the senator a “moron.”

It was Fauci’s “code red moment” when America’s “top doctor” melted down on national television in the Senate hearing. (When Marshall cited “Forbes,” that was our research on Fauci’s financials published in my then-column at Forbes.)

It’s been a dogfight to open the books on the Fauci finances. For example, our organization has filed four federal lawsuits versus NIH to open the books.

fauci household net worth tracker chart

Today, we post more of the financial disclosures that Fauci didn’t want you to see.

Here’s a summary of our findings from the latest document release:

  • Net worth: The Fauci household disclosed net worth increased from $7.6 million (Jan. 1, 2019) to more than $12.6 million (Dec. 31, 2021).
  • Top paid: Fauci continued to be the most highly compensated federal employee earning $456,000 in 2021 and $480,000 in 2022. Fauci out-earned the president, four-star generals and roughly 4.3 million other federal bureaucrats.
  • Big awards: In 2021, Fauci augmented his government income with nearly $1 million in prizes from non-profit organizations across the world. For example, the Dan David Foundation, based in Israel, awarded $901,400 for “speaking truth to power” and “defending science” during the Trump administration.

During the ongoing pandemic year of 2021, the Fauci’s household income, perks and benefits and unrealized investment gains totaled $2,832,876 — including federal income and benefits of $903,497, outside royalties and travel perks totaling $919,205, and $910,174 in investment gains.  (See link for article and video)



One things for sure: the plandemic has made certain people very wealthy while causing others to go bankrupt.

Shouldn’t public servants paid with tax dollars be required to fully disclose their financial statements?

Due to Judicial Watch’s efforts, NIH is producing 3,000 pages of line-by-line royalty payments; however, the amount paid to each of the 2,250 individual scientists continues to be redacted.

Fauci and other NIH leaders — received third-party paid royalties; however, the amounts are blanked out, redacted, so the dollars received are unknown, yet Fauci continues to insist his financial records are all out in the open for all to see.