Free Virtual Lyme Disease Conference

Hear from top Lyme disease doctors, researchers, organization executives, and more!

Featured speakers include Global Lyme Alliance’s Chairman, Paul Ross and GLA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tim Sellati, who will present on Transformative Discoveries Resulting from GLA. See the full list of speakers here.

Event Details:

  • Sunday, March 27, 2022
  • 9 am – 9 pm EST
  • Free to register
  • Suggested donations will support Global Lyme Alliance

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About the Event

Registration closes on Friday, 3.25.22

Band Aid Lyme, LLC
Band Aid Lyme is a Social Enterprise company serving non-profits by fundraising for Lyme Disease research and treatments by planning and hosting events. As a Social Enterprise, all net profits at this time will go directly to a chosen organization.  

The First Fundraising Event Beneficiary: Global Lyme Alliance (click for more info)

The Lyme Disease Conference will be on Sunday, March 27th, 2022 from 9 AM – 5 PM. 
The location will be held online ONLY, as a virtual conference. All are welcome to attend.

Schedule of Speakers

BONUS TIME and additional speakers have been added to the schedule!
It is going to be a Lyme Conference Marathon!!
**Please note that the air time will be Eastern Standard Time.**

9:00am – 9:06am:
Band Aid Lyme, LLC welcome
9:07am – 9:14am:
Global Lyme Alliance welcome from Paul Ross, Chairman of Global Lyme Alliance
9:15am – 9:40am:
Global Lyme Alliance presentation by Tim Sellati, Chief Scientific Officer of Global Lyme Alliance on “Transformative Discoveries Resulting from GLA
9:41am – 10:42am: 
Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner, President of Lyme Disease Foundation, presenting on the “History of Lyme Disease”
10:43am – 11:36am:
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Lee Horowitz, Lyme Literate Medical Doctor and His Wife, presenting on Lyme Disease, generally
11:37am – 12:33pm: 
Dr. James Schaller, Advisory Board Member for Band Aid Lyme and Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, presenting on Bartonella
12:34pm – 1:03pm: 
Choukri Ben Mamoun, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Microbial Pathogenesis at Yale University School of Medicine, on Babesia Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Therapy
1:04pm – 1:51pm: 
David Zuckerman, former Vermont Lieutenant Governor and State Senator, advocating for Lyme Disease Sufferers & wife, Rachel Nevitt, Lyme Sufferer and devoted Lyme Disease Advocate; And they own and operate a large Vermont farm!
1:52pm – 2:27pm: 
Brandi Dean and Tommy Farnsworth, on the nonprofit, Ride Out Lyme, LLC; Kerry Ann Lang, on support groups and mental health for Lyme sufferers
2:28pm – 2:49pm: 
Michelle McKeon, President of Lyme and Cancer Services & Licensed Clinical Nutritionist at Balancing Pathways
2:50pm – 3:49pm
Dr. Kenneth Liegner, Lyme Literate Doctor, presenting on “A Call for Collaboration in the Field of Vector-Borne Diseases”
3:50pm – 4:23pm: 
Mr. Gregg Skall, Esq. and Mrs. Monte Skall, Founders of non-profit NatCapLyme, “On the Front Lines – A NatCapLyme Perspective”
4:24pm – 5:24pm: 
Adina Bercowicz, Founder & Executive Director & Yan Zelener, PhD, from LymeTV
5:25pm – 6:00pm
Lindsay Keys & Winslow Crane-Murdoch, Directors of The Quiet Epidemic documentary film about Lyme Disease
6:01pm – 6:22pm
Christine Lorentzen, Functional Medicine Health Coach Candidate (2/22) & Lyme Patient Advocate;
6:23pm – 6:48pm:
Dr. Roni DeLuz, on Lyme Disease treatments and detox protocols from Martha’s Vineyard, MA, at the Healed Therapy Clinic
6:49pm – 7:38pm:
Kelly Franks, PharmD, Advisory Board Member for Band Aid Lyme, Lyme Awareness Advocate and Lyme Sufferer; Jennifer Crystal, Lyme Awareness Advocate, Lyme Sufferer, and Blogger for Global Lyme Alliance; John Zito, Father of deceased Lyme Sufferer
7:39pm – 8:08pm:
Dr. Felix Scholz, PhD Immunology, of Infectolab Americas on Blood Testing for Lyme & Co-Infections
8:09pm – 8:47pm:
Brian Karr of We Inspect, “How to Find Out if Hidden Mold is Impacting Your Health”
8:48pm – 9:03pm:
Joan Randall, on Magnet Therapy for Lyme Disease and Co-Infections from Integrative Wellness in Woodstock, VT
9:03pm – 9:04pm:
Closing statements

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