Nine Doctors Missed My Diagnosis: Here’s How I Finally Found Relief

Contributing Writer By Kris Newby

While some health issues are visible to the outside world, many people face chronic conditions that don’t have externally visible signs or symptoms—also known as invisible illnesses. In mindbodygreen’s new series, we’re giving individuals with invisible illnesses a platform to share their personal experiences. Our hope is their stories will shed light on these conditions and offer solidarity to others facing similar situations.

At the end of July 2002, my husband and two boys spent a relaxing week on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, an island off Boston. A few days after returning home, my husband and I came down with what felt like an intense summer flu. We had debilitating head and neck pain, fever and chills, body aches, and crushing fatigue. I had a circular pinprick rash around each knee, and I was so weak, I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get up to the second-floor bedroom. Both of us were in our early 40s, fit, and athletic, but we both agreed that this was the sickest we’d ever felt, so the next day we went to see a primary care physician together.

This physician looked us over and decided we had a viral infection that would go away in a few days. She ran a standard blood panel just to be sure. But four days later, things got worse. We went to see her again, and she told us our blood work was normal.  (See link for article)



Another story that resembles thousands of other stories.  Sudden debilitating illness with no answers to be found.  Doctors, without even seeing or listening to you just decide you don’t have Lyme/MSIDS.  Infectious disease doctors are the worst!  They are willing to diagnose you with anything but Lyme/MSIDS.  In this story, the ID doc was willing to prescribe an anti-parasitic medicine, but heaven forbid, they won’t give you antibiotics, and if you miraculously manage to get antibiotics, it’s only a couple of week’s worth, which study after study has proven to be ineffective.

Newby is also behind the excellent Lyme disease primer called, “Under Our Skin,” as well as the sequel “Emergence.”  Both are excellent films.  She also wrote the book, “Bitten, The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Warfare,” which I highly recommend.

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