We urgently need your help to convince the Wisconsin Assembly Health Committee to schedule a vote to pass AB 86 out of committee.  The bill had a public hearing back in July but the Committee has not taken a vote and moved it out of Committee yet.  This is the last step needed before the bill can move to the full Assembly Floor for a final floor vote!  Last year this bill passed the Assembly Floor but had to start over due to COVID.  This year it already passed the Senate Committee and Senate Floor (SB 98).  We’re now waiting on the Assembly Health Committee to keep it moving.  We’ve waited long enough!  Since the public hearing, we even accepted amendments to the bill to make sure all issues have been addressed and now we need your help! Assembly legislators and Health Committee Members need to hear from you to convince them to schedule a vote on AB 86 asap!
Support AB 86/SB 98, the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners Exemption bill, because it:

  • Protects your access to services provided by practitioners of complementary and alternative health in Wisconsin such as herbalists, traditional naturopaths, nutritional consultants, homeopaths, Reiki practitioners, Ayurveda practitioners, and many more.
  • Enables practitioners to provide services without fear of being charged with practice of medicine without a license as long as they avoid a list of prohibited acts and give out proper disclosures.
  • Adds clarity to Wisconsin law and updates it to reflect what is happening already!
  • Already passed unanimously out of the Senate Insurance, Licensing and Forestry Committee and it passed the Senate, as amended, on a unanimous voice vote on April 14.
  • Last session, it passed the Assembly Health Committee, the Assembly Floor and the Senate Committee on Health before stalling in the Senate due to COVID-19.
  • 11 other states already protect the practices of many wonderful complementary and alternative practitioners who are providing great services to health seekers – Wisconsin should too!

Spread the word about SB 98/AB 86.  Please forward this email to your friends and family so they can Take Action to support SB 98/AB 86 too.

THANK YOU for your commitment to Health Freedom!  If you have questions, contact us at

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