Australian tyrants promise to FLOOD the country with virus-transmitting “vaccinated” people… global biowar aims to REMOVE humanity before the coming “big event”

(Natural News) AUSTRALIA: Queensland health official Jeannette Young is now promising to flood the country with vaccinated super spreaders who carry covid, claiming on video, “Every single queenslander is going to get exposed to the covid-19 virus and will get infected.”

She adds, “We will be bringing in virus in vaccinated people…” and then specifically explains she is targeting unvaccinated people with this biowarfare attack by explaining, “But if you’re vaccinated, that’s not a problem.”

This unthinkable admission of coordinated criminal activity by the government of Queensland is just the latest assault on humanity being waged by Australian officials who are so corrupt and evil, it’s almost like they’re competing for an award from Satan himself.

Watch this stunning comment in the following video. The text callout was added to the video by someone else and was not in the original broadcast video:

(See link for article and video)



Young previously warned that COVID injections should not be given to people under age 50 due to adverse events and deaths; however, she has now fallen in line and is actually perpetrating biowarefare against those who have chosen not to get the clot shot.

Natural immunity isn’t mentioned once, nor the need to protect the frail and those with compromised immune systems.  None of that matters to these people.  They frankly just don’t care, and expect you to mindlessly throw your medical freedom away and toe the line. 

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