MT Enacts Nation’s First Vaccine Antidiscrimination Law

Montana made history by becoming the first state in the nation to enact a vaccine antidiscrimination law in August 2021. Representative Brad Tschida sat with with Leah Wilson, Executive Director and co-founder of Stand for Health Freedom to discuss the motivation and mindset behind passing the law.

Watching this steadfast lawmaker state matter-of-factly that antidiscrimination laws and health privacy are just common sense will recharge your advocacy. It will remind you there are lawmakers out there standing up for our Constitution and health rights.

Click the top link to watch this uplifting and inspirational discussion about the importance of protecting the privacy of vaccination decisions.

In discussing the mindset behind the law, Representative Tschida explains,
Our medical records are private. There is no reason the government should have access to them, and we shouldn’t be required to give them up.” In the face of mandates and digital passport rollouts across the globe, it just makes sense for Americans to make medical and vaccine status a protected class to protect our fundamental rights. Americans are being segregated and subject to loss of freedoms based on their personal health decisions. “To create a two-class society based on the use of a pharmaceutical product is unethical and unnecessary.”

Representative Tschida talks about how the Montana government met this discrimination head on. It became the first state to make vaccination status a protected class and limit inquiries into immunization status. Montana’s law is protecting citizens and business-owners alike.

And the reaction?  At the time of writing the law is facing one limited challenge in court: health professionals and some patients claim that portions of the law as applied to them are in violation of the ADA, and constitutional rights. However, the lawsuit does not call for the entire bill to be revoked, only that plaintiffs in the health field are exempt from some of its provisions. In this age of unprecedented litigation in the face of covid policies, the limited legal challenges thus far to this law reflect the will of the people to protect medical decision-making.

Representative Tschida reports, “The majority of people we hear from are saying ‘Thanks’ for protecting our informed choice.”

Actions You Can Take

Use Your Voice: Take Action by sending a message to your elected officials that covid vaccination must be voluntary. Remind them personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in making a medical decision.



In case you feel this is “over the top” and unneeded, a Colorado hospital system just announced it will deny organ transplants for unvaccinated patients in ‘almost all situations.’

Also, legislation disingenuously called U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act has been introduced to require “vaccine” passports for all foreign and domestic air travel. This means the CDC could require Covid booster shots monthly if they want to, and every “fully vaccinated” person, partially vaccinated person, or unvaccinated American will have NO rights to travel without getting more COVID shots.  The Israeli Health Minister was caught on a Live Mic stating “vaccine” passports exist to ‘influence’ the hesitant.

Recently, a molecular biologist spoke at a Michigan hearing in support of a bill (HB 4471) to prohibit employers from discriminating against an individual who isn’t “vaccinated.”  She asked:

“Who are we going to exclude from the workforce? Are we going to continue with discrimination and segregation in the United States of America?” – Christina Parks

Further, she powerfully reminded audience that blacks have very good reasons for being “vaccine” hesitant as vaccine researchers destroyed evidence that African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months are at increased risk for autism.

Mainstream media hasn’t touched that fact with a 10-foot pole because it casts a bad light on the accepted narrative that “vaccines are safe and effective.”
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