I had the opportunity to attend “A Comprehensive & Practical Review of Mold Toxicity and its Complications” held online on April 24-25, 2021.  This event was a wonderful collaboration between Neil Nathan, MD and Jill Crista, ND.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal licensed medical authority.

Disclaimer: This information was taken as notes during the training course and may not represent the exact statements of the speakers. Errors and/or omissions may be present.

Note: As this information may be updated as any errors are found, I kindly request that you link to this single source of information rather than copying the content below. If any updates or corrections are made, this will help to ensure that anyone reading this is getting the most current and accurate information available.

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Mold toxicity is a big deal and needs to be addressed before some Lyme/MSIDS patients experience improvement.  Again, Lyme literate doctors are educated in these issues.
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