Wisconsin lawmakers advance bill banning COVID-19 vaccine passports


June 17, 2021

The legislation requires approval by the state senate and the governor

Lawmakers in Wisconsin advanced a bill this week that would prohibit any public or private entity in the state from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

The bill was backed by state Republicans with proponents arguing that residents have a right to keep their medical decisions private. 

Some have also argued that the passports would force individuals to get vaccinated just so they could resume their routine activities.

The legislation still requires approval by the state Senate and the official green light from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who has signaled he would not sign the bill if it arrives at his desk, as reported by several local news outlets.

“I think it’s a reasonable request of a business to make those requests,” Evers said earlier this month, as reported by WISN, the ABC affiliated TV station in Milwaukee. “If you’re a healthcare institution, you may want to ask those questions. Certainly, Lawrence University is already out in front of this – asking, requiring students and therefore asking them to show proof.”

A handful of states have banned vaccine passports as a prospective way to keep a lid on virus cases, including Florida, Georgia, Idaho and Texas.



As Lyme/MSIDS patients we should care about this issue as our bodies are already in a war of epic proportions.  Vaccination for us has the potential of reactivating latent infections and worsening our cases. I’ve sat across the table from 20-somethings who have had to quit school and work to move back home with their parents after a flu vaccine caused them such harm they were unable to care for themselves.  What would an experimental, fast-tracked injection that has caused more adverse reactions and death than any vaccine in human history do?

Please contact your representatives and Governor Evers on the importance of medical privacy and the fact vaccination isn’t for everyone.

Medical decisions should be made between a doctor and patient and that privacy should be upheld at all costs. 

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