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June 13, 2021

  • The Wuhan Institute of Virology kept live bats in cages, new footage from inside the facility has revealed, disproving denials from WHO investigators who claimed the suggestions was a “conspiracy.”
  • An official Chinese Academy of Sciences video to mark the launch of the new biosafety level 4 lab in May 2017 speaks about the security precautions that are in place if “an accident” occurs and reveals there had been “intense clashes” with the French government during the construction of the lab.
  • The video shows bats being held in a cage at the Wuhan lab, along with video of a scientist feeding a bat with a worm.
  • The 10 minute video is titled “The construction & research team of Wuhan P4 lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences” and futures interview with its leading scientists.
  • The WHO report investigating the origin of the pandemic failed to mention that any bats had been kept at the lab and only its annex referred to animals being housed there.
“The animal room in the P4 facility can handle a variety of species, including primate work with SARS-CoV-2,” it states.
  • A member of the World Health Organisation team investigating the origin of the pandemic in Wuhan, zoologist Peter Daszak said it was a conspiracy to suggest bats were held at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • In one tweet dated December, 2020 he said: “No BATS were sent to Wuhan lab for genetic analysis of viruses collected in the field. That’s now how this science works. We collect bat samples, send them to the lab. We RELEASE bats where we catch them!”
  • In another tweet, dated December 11, 2020, he said: “This is a widely circulated conspiracy theory. This piece describes work I’m the lead on and labs I’ve collaborated with for 15 years. They DO NOT have live or dead bats in them. There is no evidence anywhere that this happened. It’s an error I hope will be corrected.”
  • This month, Daszak appeared to retract his earlier denials and admitted the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have housed bats but admitted he had not asked them.
  • The Chinese Academy of Sciences video was discovered by researchers investigating the origin of the pandemic who call themselves DRASTIC. 
  • Digital archivist “Jesse” found the Chinese Academy of Sciences Video while the group’s co-ordinator, who goes by a pseudonym of “Billy Bostickson” for safety reasons, has long complained evidence bats were housed in the Wuhan laboratories.
  • The video forms part of the investigation for the book “What Really Happened in Wuhan” which is available for pre-order at Amazon and Booktopia.
  • Mr Daszak has not responded to requests for comment.

The video shows at about 8:00 that there were mouse cages as well.  The lab was using “humanized” mice to see which coronaviruses could infect humans.  They also used these mice to create viruses that previously were unable to infect humans, now be able to do so.

These experiments are called “Gain of Function” and they aim to make viruses more infectious and more virulent to humans.

  • The journalist states there is no scientific consensus that the virus is of natural origin and anyone stating such is not being honest.  She also states Daszak‘s conflicts are clear and he never should have been involved in briefing the White House, intelligence agencies, or be a part of the WHO’s investigation into the lab.  He thanked Fauci for supporting his “natural” origin stance yet Fauci too is riddled with conflicts and shouldn’t be trusted as grants given by his own agency funded this research and that he too should never have been allowed to give advice on anything.

    GreatGameIndia just reported that Fauci’s emails reveal he threatened Indian scientists who discovered COVID is engineered with AIDS like insertions, which Nobel Prize winner Dr. Montagnier also asserts. These scientists were forced to retract their study.

    There is also evidence from another email showing that Fauci was told last March precisely how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “was created.” Research partner Adam Gaertner gave Fauci a play-by-play and still Fauci stood before the world and lied about everything for an entire year.  Fauci was also told by leading infectious disease expert Kristian Andersen that the Indian studies exposing the AIDS-like features of the Chinese Flu did, in fact, make a strong case about its bioengineered nature. Fauci proceeded to ignore both of these men while peddling the fake narrative that the virus came from bats at a wet market.

Dr. Martin recently addressed the history of the development of the SARS bioweapon, which was originally funded for AIDS/HIV research in 1999, and he dropped this bombshell:

“Anthony Fauci has spent, listen to this number, 191 BILLION dollars, not 3.7 million, not 30 million, 191 BILLION dollars of audited funds for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity.

And it is YOUR money that has been spent.”  Source

  • The Wuhan Lab has cameras set up to capture any accidents, yet the WHO appears not to have asked to see the security footage in October when there was a black-out, or in Sept. when the virus data base was suddenly pulled off-line.
  • The laboratory, a combined effort by the Chinese and the French has not become the “world class platform” for sharing latest discoveries as the Chinese kicked the French out at the first opportunity and shut its doors to outsiders.
  • The coronavirus bears a “signature” that’s never been seen in this virus class before and came “completely pre-adapted to humans,” according to Atossa Therapeutics CEO Dr Steven Quay.
It is a sad day indeed when Americans have to get their news from Australia.
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