Cataract resident advocates for individuals struggling with Lyme disease

Alicia Cashman

Cataract resident Alicia Cashman, a Lyme disease patient, advocate and leader with Madison Lyme Support Group, is passionate about the cause as she herself has been fighting the battle for over a decade after a tiny tick changed her and her husband’s lives.

Most people don’t know that a tick can contain many pathogens. Cashman prefers the term MSIDS, or Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, over Lyme Disease as it is almost always far more than just borrelia, the causative agent of Lyme disease.

“Due to the synergistic effects of these pathogens, treatment is often far more complex and longer than the CDC’s treatment guidelines of 21 days of doxycycline and that particular mono therapy rarely works unless you catch it early,” she said. “We saw neither tick nor rash and less than 30 percent do, but we tested positively on the Extended Western Blot from Igenex Labs in California, which is one of the few labs that uses a far more sensitive testing.”

As stated earlier, Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia. There are 100 different strains of Borrelia in the United States and 300 worldwide. Current CDC testing only tests for one strain, according to Cashman. (See link for article)



I’m thankful the staff writer didn’t shy away from the polarization in the medical community, research bias, conflicts of interest, or the fact this is probably sexually transmitted.

We need the truth if we ever expect to move forward.

I never know what the outcome of these interviews will be, but I’m happy with this one.  Good, honest information with very practical advice.

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