I posted about this previously here.  It appears they are still accepting qualified patients.  You must be ages 18 and up, have symptoms suggestive of Lyme disease, WITH an EM rash, if on antibiotics, initiated less than a week ago, and you will be required up to 4 blood draws to be taken over 12 months.


https://1nhealth.com/health-care-providers/?  Go here for more information.  

Lyme season is here.

Your patients may hold the key to a new and potentially better diagnostic test.
About 300,000 people in the U.S. are infected with Lyme disease through tick bites each year. 1,2

You may hold the key to a new and potentially better diagnostic test.

Join us in the fight against Lyme disease by enrolling in the ImmuneSense™ Lyme clinical study. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease or you suspect you have Lyme disease, your immune system may hold key information that can help advance the development of a novel test.


The Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Upper Midwest are hotspots.


Only 30% of people with acute Lyme infections receive a positive test result with existing laboratory tests. 3

The ImmuneSense™ Lyme study is currently collecting blood samples from patients for clinical validation of a T-cell-based assay that is a potential diagnostic for Lyme disease.

The T-cell-based test may offer:

• Earlier detection of Lyme disease than current tests

• A look at patients’ T-cell immune response to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease

Your patients can contribute to validating this novel test, and may be eligible to earn as much as $400 for taking part in the study.

Your patients can enroll in ImmuneSense™ Lyme study by filling out this questionnaire.

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