WOODRUFF, Wis. — Across Wisconsin, as spring blooms are starting to emerge from the soil, a tiny threat is also popping out of the ground: Ticks, and the disease-inducing bacteria they carry.

“Most people are aware of Lyme disease,” said nurse practitioner Ashley Johnson, who focuses on treating tick-borne disease. “I’m not sure that everyone is aware of how serious it can be if it’s undertreated or left untreated.”

What You Need To Know

  • Rates of Lyme disease have risen in recent decades, but getting treatment can be a challenge
  • The Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence in Woodruff provides treatment for patients with new or chronic symptoms
  • The debate over chronic Lyme disease is still controversial, which providers say can be frustrating for patients
  • Precautions like covering up and checking for ticks every day can help you stay safe during tick season

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