Lyme Disease: Beating Back Death

With multiple television and movie projects, 2019 was a busy year for southwest Georgia native Stacy Johnson.

That nearly wasn’t the case for the budding young actress because a chance encounter with a tick 14 years ago nearly ended her career — and life.

“When I saw her in 2017, she couldn’t hardly verbalize, couldn’t concentrate, had dizziness,” said Dr. Jeffrey Lawson, the rheumatologist and founder of Piedmont Arthritis Clinic in Greenville, S.C., who diagnosed and treated Johnson. “She had shooting pain in her extremities.”

Before seeing Lawson, the actress had been to a number of specialists who were unable to identify the cause of her symptoms. Johnson was performing in a sideshow at a circus when her crisis hit.

“Her family owns Barnum & Bailey Circus,” Lawson said. “She had a show in Chicago. She died in McDonald’s. Her heart stopped.”

Johnson was resuscitated and hospitalized, but she was no closer to learning the underlying issue.  (See link for article)


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“Lyme Disease: Beating Back Death” is a tell-all documentary about a decade’s long battle against Lyme disease. Following the story of Stacy Johnson, a critically acclaimed actress, the documentary, in vivid, personal detail, chronicles the struggles of this horrific disease mentally, physically, and emotionally, and serves as a dire warning to the public.Written by Stacy Johnson

Looks like the release date was Feb, 2021.  Facebook page

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