Recently, an online webinar called “The COVID Vaccine on Trial: If You Only Knew…..” revealed some interesting developments, one of which concerned the recent death of baseball legend Hank Aaron which occurred after receiving the COVID injection.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pointed out that Aaron’s death was part of a “wave of deaths among seniors, among elderly people, Americans, following vaccination.”  

He specifically and purposely avoided saying Aaron’s death was caused by the injection.

Aaron was used by the HHS in a press conference to persuade Black Americans to take the jab, but just 17 days later he died after getting it. Not a very convincing message.

Kennedy’s simple and natural observation was attacked and loudly condemned by mainstream media.

This is where it gets interesting.

All of the articles attacking Kennedy cited the Fulton County Coroner’s Office as their source, stating that Hank Aaron’s death was not caused by a vaccine.  Period.

After Kennedy “spent a lot of time waiting on telephones” to speak with the coroner’s office, he discovered that the office never had Hank Aaron’s body.  There was never an autopsy, post mortem, or necropsy done.  Evidently, his personal doctor just assumed he died of natural causes.  

The national press simply lied to the American public once again.  Source

The webinar pointed out many other important details:

  • The FDA has not approved or licensed these “vaccines.”  They are simply authorized as “may be effective.”
  • The FDA can only authorize these “vaccines” when there are no adequately approved alternatives.  This is why effective therapies like HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, and others are shut-down.  
  • This is causing wide-spread censorship of doctors, research articles, and news articles advocating these interventions, as well as the promotion of fake science.
  • CDC officials have confirmed that state institutions cannot mandate these Messenger RNA vaccines, because the US has long upheld the first principle of the Nuremberg Code: that the consent of the individual is absolutely essential in any scientific experiment. These “vaccines” are experimental.
  • The reason it is advantageous to pharmaceutical companies, governments and healthcare providers to have these experimental products be under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is because it makes them risk-free. 
  • Under the PREP Act if you are injured or die you have to apply within a year to a government administrative program, not a court of law.  If your injury appears after a year you have no recourse.  There’s no hearing and if you lose there’s no appeal.  Everything is on paper – nothing in person – no witnesses, no experts, and no published decisions.  
  • Historically, this program has compensated under 8% of all petitions.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the four biggest vaccine manufacturers, Pfizer, Merck, GSK and Sanofi, have all been funding biotech firms, including those manufacturing the COVID vaccines today, looking for the next big thing in vaccine profits. Don’t think for a minute that the push to vaccinate the world will be over with COVID-19.
  • Dr. Tenpenny states: “Can you think of any other product in any other industry at any other point in time that has caused this much damage in eight weeks that is still on the market? And not only still on the market, but pushing full steam ahead to get a little bit of this in every person’s arm? So take a step back and think about what that actually means, and it’s a much bigger agenda, as I’m sure many of you know.”  She also points out mechanisms of injury (MOI):
    • anaphylaxis
    • anti-spike immunoglobulins: European epidemiologists state it can take up to 42 days after the shot to develop the highest concentrations of the anti-spike antibody
    • accelerated autoimmune reactions after exposure to other coronaviruses – no one knows how long that risk will be – 1 week, 1 month, 5 years?
    • accelerated risk of more severe side effects  as well as more likely to contract coronavirus infection if you’ve previously had a flu shot
    • antibody dependent enhancement or Trojan Horse phenomenon where your body uncontrollably replicates antibodies after re-exposure to coronaviruses that far supersedes anything you could contract naturally without previous vaccination
    • modification of anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages due to anti-spike immunoglobulin – animal studies showed their lungs were full of M1 macrophages and NO M2 macrophages at all
    • autoimmune disorders caused by anti-spike immunoglobulins, antibodies cross-reacting with human tissue. A study showed that 28 out of 55 tissue types cross-reacted with the anti-spike immunoglobulin, which is why people get extreme fatigue from this infection or vaccine, as well as all the neurological problems
    • Tenpenny states there are more than these 7 MOI
    • There are also more things coming through the syringe than what is listed on the Moderna patent.  RNA when it goes into your cells creates a protein called flagellin which causes a huge antibody response – the more the response, the more tissue destruction occurs.  It’s an unapproved adjuvant, never used before on animals and humans that will cause more havoc in the body – anywhere from 4-6 weeks or months in the future

I highly recommend you read the entire transcript as it is chuck-full of information including social justice issues that demand discussion.

I post this information for two reasons: 1) The mainstream media has become nothing more than an arm of pharmaceutical companies peddling their wares. This means you need to corroborate everything they say.  Regarding articles on tick-borne illness, I continue to correct blatant inaccuracies.  2) This experimental mRNA injection that isn’t a vaccine needs to be scrutinized and debated widely.  Many have come forth with serious accusations and details. While the injection manufacturers continue to state they are “safe and effective,” multitudes are experiencing life-changing severe reactions including death.  

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