IV OZONE – What it is and What Are the Benefits

By Holtdorf Medical Group


Ozone Therapy is a unique and integrative treatment that is used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Ozone Therapy can provide many powerful and healing benefits with little or no side effects. Ozone suppresses infections by killing viruses, bacteria, and yeast, especially those hard-to-treat, resistant pathogens that can be found in chronic conditions, such as Lyme disease. Ozone therapy is also helpful in preventative healthcare. In preventative care, ozone may help strengthen the body’s natural defenses. Lastly, it improves circulation by enhancing the flow of blood.

Below are some of the benefits that can be obtained through Ozone therapy treatment:

  • Effective treatment of resistant pathogens found in chronic conditions
  • Improvement of circulation by enhancing blood flow
  • Stimulation of mitochondria to give your cells’ “powerhouse” energy
  • Improvement of immune function as Ozone IV therapy is a potent immune booster
  • Increasing antioxidant protection and capabilities by stimulating enzyme system
  • Decreasing the immune “overtime” response in autoimmune disease
  • Detoxification by neutralizing toxins processed in liver and kidneys

Who Can Benefit?

IV Ozone therapy is a very effective treatment modality yet should not be thought of as a magic bullet. The treatment can be an indispensable addition to any protocol’s success and is most effective when it is used as part of an integrative treatment plan. The number of treatments needed for therapeutic results are unique to each individual and should be discussed with your practitioner. Individuals experiencing success using Ozone IV therapy treatments:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Chronic bladder conditions Colitis
  • Crohn’s disease

Ozone therapy has been studied and used in treating patients for centuries. It is extremely safe when performed properly and under the proper care. Talk with your doctor regarding this treatment to see if it is a good fit for you.

Holtorf Medical GroupThe Holtorf Medical Group specializes in optimizing quality of life and being medical detectives to uncover the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than just prescribing medications to cover-up the symptoms. We are experts in natural, prescription bioidentical hormone replacement and optimization, complex endocrine dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease. We’ve dedicated our practice to providing you the best in evidenced-based, integrative medicine that’s not only safe and effective, but provides measurable results.



Ozone is a powerful oxidant and something you should learn about and consider, either as a primary treatment or an adjunctive therapy.  

That said, in my experience it has NOT proven to be curative for Lyme/MSIDS.  While people have improved, they need “tune-ups” or further treatments.

Both my husband and I used blood IV ozone for 2.5 months done weekly under UV light.  I must say neither of us noticed anything.  We were probably at our sickest and desperate to get help.  That’s not to say it wouldn’t make a noticeable difference in someone else OR that it did something positive in us we didn’t feel.

Like any other treatment, one must consider cost – both in time and in money.  Blood ozone requires you to use a practitioner which means travel to and fro and time for treatment.  It is also recommended to be done weekly or even biweekly.  Costs vary, but are approximately $150-$200 per treatment.  Another variable is the machine being used as well as the dosage (type of ozone and amount).  Ozonating a single pint of blood is called “Single pass” vs 10 pints of blood being called “10-pass” or even the “dialysis” type of ozone which makes a complete circuit and allowing blood to ozonated for an hour (strongest form).  We used the single-pass.  After talking with others, I believe the “dialysis” type to be the most effective for Lyme/MSIDS, but obviously costs more ($900-$1,000 per treatment) and takes longer.

One patient’s experience:  This patient also received Prolo-ozone – an injection with ozone & dextrose– typically for pain.  My husband has had this in numerous joints with success.  Not only does it help pain, but it puts the ozone in hard to reach areas where antibiotics have difficulty getting into.  Please also see:

For more on 10-pass:  Patient stories of ozone on all kinds of conditions.

Ozone research:

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