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In this episode, you will learn about the BIOTOXIC Rx including the LabElymental Milk Cleanse, NeuroPraxis, MYCOMEFREE, and more.

About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Jody Levy.  Jody Levy is the founder of The LabElymental Milk Cleanse, NeuroPraxis, and soon-to-be MYCOMEFREE.  She is also the co-founder of WTRMLN WTR.

Jody has quietly been suffering from symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, Mold Illness (CIRS), and a slew of co-infections and related imbalances for over 20 years. 

Now she is fully recovered and living her best life. She feels strong, healthy, pain–free, and proud of her discoveries.

She always knew she could not expose her struggle until she was able to share the solutions that helped her get better.  In her unwavering belief that her journey was bigger than herself, she is now committed to creating simple and easy products that people can use to relieve their suffering and thrive.

For years, she was committed to understanding why she was always exhausted, in pain, puffy, blurry, and foggy. No-one could figure out what was wrong with her.  But she was relentlessly determined to understand why she did not feel good.  She set out on a painful and tedious journey to find solutions to help herself, and others, feel happy and healthy. She always knew that if she stayed the course, she would find the tools that would help her and ultimately many other people.  She spun a web of the most exceptional doctors, scientists, researchers, practitioners, and healers who all played their part in her epic recovery.

She tried so many treatments. She mapped her genetics and her entire body.  She was meticulous about how she recorded her treatments.  Protocol by protocol, she tracked and cross-referenced her short-term and long-term results.  She tried things that nearly killed her and when they didn’t work, she would get right back up and try again. Because she knew – intuitively – that she was going to discover things that would help her and others like her return to vibrant health.  During this process she was optimistic, but she was also skeptical of everything. After years of treatments, she questioned if she would ever arrive at an answer.

And she finally succeeded!  She healed herself of Lyme Disease and mold exposure. She got rid of co-infections and the agonizing symptoms of viruses and parasites.  Her mental commitment, psychological anguish, and massive financial investments paid off. She got herself better.  Her test results came back clean. Her brain cleared, her vision got crisp, and her mood balanced.  Today, she is working to bring all of these solutions to as many people as she possibly can, so that no one has to suffer the way she did for as long as she did.

Key Takeaways

  • What was her personal experience through Lyme disease and mold illness?
  • What is the LabElymental Milk Cleanse?
  • What types of milk can be used with the cleanse?
  • What are the components of the cleanse?
  • What are NeuroPraxis and NeuroSculpting?
  • Does NeuroPraxis target the limbic system, vagus nerve, or parasympathetic nervous system?
  • What is MYCOMEFREE?
  • What are other tools that have been helpful in recovering from Lyme disease and mold illness?
  • Is there hope for recovering from complex, biotoxin illnesses?
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My posting information does not mean I endorse the products mentioned in the Podcast, and in this case I have never even heard of them.  Just throwing it out there for consideration.  I rejoice with each and every patient who manages to find wellness and figure we should all listen and learn from them.

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