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TODAY AT NOON! In honor of the season of giving, Dr. Rawls is donating two hours of his time to answer your questions about #Lyme disease, #fibromyalgia, and #CFS in his upcoming “Ask Dr. Rawls Live Q&A Marathon.”
To join the conversation, follow us on the RawlsMD Facebook page (https://facebook.com/rawlsmd) or subscribe to the RawlsMD YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/c/rawlsmd). Then, tune in between 12pm and 2pm EST on Wednesday, December 2nd. Once you’re there, you can submit your question(s) in the livecast comments section — Dr. Rawls will answer as many of them as possible. See you then and there! #live
Apologies for lateness.  Just got this myself.  Great way to have questions answered by a doctor who has traveled the journey himself.

Also, you can get a FREE copy of his book Unlocking Lyme for the next 7 days by using the coupon code LYMEFREE20. The only cost will be $3.95 for shipping in the U.S.

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