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5th Annual LymeMIND Virtual Conference 2020 Saturday, October 10th

Novel Treatments Making sense of all the treatment options
  • John Aucott, MD, Associate Professor, Director, Lyme Disease Research Center Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Tania Tyles Dempsey, MD, ABIHM, Founder, AIM Center For Personalized Medicine
  • Richard Horowitz, MD, Medical Director, Hudson Valley Arts Center
  • Andrew Petersen, DO, Chief of Staff Officer
Forum Health What are the differences in current treatment options


What are the critical time points from tick bite to chronic symptoms for patients to consider? What is the latest experience and research on treatment options?



Scroll to 5:40 to hear about Chronic Lyme treatment.

Dr. Petersen makes the simple, straightforward statement that we wouldn’t send someone home from the hospital with pneumonia after a course of treatment. They would be sent home after they are off the ventilator and they can breathe well.


I write about this phenomenon here:  Simple and straightforward.  I was sick, I got treatment, now I am well and do not suffer with symptoms any longer.  Please understand; however, that this treatment used multiple antibiotics and modalities simultaneously for over 5 years, and I relapsed TWICE necessitating 2-3 month treatment each time.  Each re-treatment got me better than I was before.  Hence: the proof is in the pudding.  Cause & effect.

I will say that this improvement isn’t linear and often is baffling in that you typically feel much worse before you feel better and you have to treat long, hard, and smart – taking into account diet, supplements, hormones, and the kitchen sink.  Many rabbit holes to go down.  Lazy people need not apply.  This is going to test you like nothing else – even your sanity at points.

Since this is such an individualized difference we all have different things to go after and attack, which makes it harder for doctors/researchers to standardize.  Again, lazy people need not apply.


Be bull-doggishly tenacious about your health and have hope.

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