“I think I’ve done myself and Lyme disease a disservice by not owning fully what I’m going through,” Allyshia Gupta says of coming forward with her diagnosis

By Joelle Goldstein

November 04, 2020 02:40 PM
Allyshia Gupta
Allyshia Gupta

Allyshia Gupta is embracing the truth about her health and revealing she has Lyme disease, more than 20 years after being diagnosed.

Gupta, who was crowned Miss California USA in January, tells PEOPLE that she first learned she had Lyme when she was 2-years-old, but never shared her story publicly for fear of “being seen as less than.” (See link for article)



What a secret to hide, but not unwarranted.  Letting your employer know you are infected can be a double edged sword:

In Gupta’s case I’m sure it was like letting a 10 lb weight off her back, which she had carried a long time.

Important quote: 

They brushed off her symptoms, insisting that she was depressed from her brother’s passing and should take anti-depressants, but Gupta knew there was more to it.

This is a great lesson that as a patient, you know yourself better than anyone.  Don’t allow a person with a couple of letters behind their name downplay your symptoms. They very well could be something more than grief or depression.  Listen to your body and hold your ground.  If one doctor refuses to listen, go to someone else.  NEVER QUIT.

It’s quite common to suffer symptoms when periods of stress occur.  You often have to accept a “measured” life with careful parameters.
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