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The Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence has come to the rescue. To receive specialty care for tickborne illnesses has required significant travel to either the east or west coasts. Now we have a center specializing in tick-borne illnesses right in the heart of the Midwest. Located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Center opened its doors to chronically ill patients on the waiting list last September and is now ready to accept new patients. 

Under the purview of world-renowned Dr. Samuel Shor, a 30+ year Provider of care to tick-borne illness patients and past President of ILADS, the Center has four primary objectives. The Center is a place:

1. Where people who believe they may have a tick-borne illness can be effectively diagnosed

and treated.

2. Where patients who have been suffering for some time from an undiagnosed illness can receive a clear plan for treatment and follow-up care.

3. Where patients can participate in research to improve the ability to diagnose and treat tickborne illnesses.

4. That connects with other clinicians and researchers to share information and findings. A place where collaboration is the norm.

To remain focused on tick-borne illnesses, the Center is blessed with an Advisory Board consisting of Dr. Shor, Dr. Brian Fallon from Columbia University and Dr. John Aucott from Johns Hopkins University, all well-respected and recognized crusaders in the battle against tick-borne illnesses.

If you’re not getting the help you need to return to health, don’t hesitate. Contact the Tick-Borne Illness

Center of Excellence to have your best chance of succeeding.

To make an appointment today, call 715-203-1616

Make sure to let them know how you heard about the Center!

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The good news is Wisconsinites have numerous qualified Lyme literate doctors and do not have to travel to the coasts to get help.  
The best source of information on doctors, their treatment style, and costs is your local Lyme support group.  Although these groups are influx, please see:  https://rawlsmd.com/lyme-support?

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