– September 25, 2020

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2020 is a year when many things besides people have died, or at least placed on indefinite life support. Music and most arts and culture (at least audience-based), education, a person’s livelihood, social trust and interaction, common sense and common decency, debate, and we can include responsible journalism to the list. 

In fact, responsible journalism was one of the first casualties of 2020 and bears responsibility for much of the rest.  (See link for article)



Fantastic read!  Highly recommend.

The author, a PhD in chemistry who worked in pharmaceutical development, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and then consulting, is highly qualified to speak on these topics.

He visited Hong Kong during SARS (which had no lockdowns, distancing, mask mandates, etc) and had the privilege of talking with Dr. Henderson, a leading researcher involved with smallpox eradication efforts and with the Dept. of Homeland Security.  He states Henderson would be completely opposed to the current draconian policies in place for COVID.

He also says that the light went completely out on responsible journalism and that power has yet to be restored.  

He particularly picks out a Yahoo article with the opening sentence that had the following glaringly inaccurate phrase in it:

vaccine to wipe out the deadly coronavirus….

He states this is irresponsible and misinformed journalism and goes on to state that first, the coronavirus is not very deadly at all based upon data, medical reports, and general knowledge.  But, the media is all about only reporting the most serious symptoms and hype.

He points out the bad modeling that was pushed and followed by governments despite the fact that the mortality of Covid is consistent with influenza as proven by serology studies that define a baseline number of people who have experienced the virus and NOT on testing since far more people have had it than the numbers show, not to mention the fact COVID testing is abysmal and is wrong more than half the time.

He points out that CDC numbers are based upon calculations of expected mortality.

Important excerpt:

The current number of reported deaths related to Covid is about 180,000, although that number is maybe meaningless because there is no consistency in reporting and we do not know how deaths are being recorded. Just because a person dies and maybe they have the virus does NOT mean that the virus or even a complication was the cause of death. 

He also points out that it’s important to carefully analyze facts, setting aside emotion and that by doing this, mistakes, such as was made with the elderly who needlessly died due to horrible policies, can be avoided.