Mid-Ohio Valley sees rise in Lyme Disease

Parkersburg resident Kristin Carvell inspects her dog Siren for ticks after a walk at City Park. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Despite summer being over, warm weather and ideal circumstances for ticks remain and it is important to understand the potential consequences of bites.

According to the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, lyme disease cases have been on the rise in the region.

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Remember ticks are in many other places besides wooded and grassy areas. Migrating birds drop them virtually anywhere. Also remember that Lyme is just the ‘tip of the spear’ and numerous pathogens can be transmitted simultaneously in a singular tick bite.

Reports have come in from around the world announcing the unabated spread of ticks and Lyme/MSIDS yet virtually nothing has changed in Lyme-land. Doctors still utilize abysmal testing, are uneducated on tick-borne illness – misdiagnosing a majority of patients, utilize ineffective treatment, and abuse patients by not listening to them and labeling them hypochondriacs.

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