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5th Annual LymeMIND Virtual Conference 2020

We’re bringing together researchers, patients, sponsors, and other interested parties to share knowledge and experience related to Lyme disease research. To ensure the safety of all the attendees, we’ve decided to conduct this year’s conference in a virtual half-day program. We’ll be offering pre-recorded presentations and panel discussions. There will be a live Q&A after each segment.

  • Saturday, October 10
  • 9am-1pm
  • Virtual Event

Advancing Lyme disease research through an integrated network of researchers, patients, physicians, and sponsors.

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9:00am10minVIRTUAL EVENT

Chairperson – Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Patricia (Savi) Glowe
    Patricia (Savi) Glowe
9:10am30minVIRTUAL EVENT

KEYNOTE – “Chronic: The Hidden Cause of Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again.”

  • Steven Phillips, MD
    Steven Phillips, MD
  • Dana Parish
    Dana Parish
9:40am30minVIRTUAL EVENT

Mothers and Children Panel Discussion – Phyllis Bedford – Moderator

  • Phyllis Bedford
    Phyllis Bedford
  • Holly Ahern, MT(ASCP)
    Holly Ahern, MT(ASCP)
  • Sue Faber, RN, BScN
    Sue Faber, RN, BScN
  • Charlotte, Mao, MD
    Charlotte, Mao, MD
10:10am15minVIRTUAL EVENT

COVID-19- in the context of Lyme disease

  • Jason Bobe, MSc
    Jason Bobe, MSc
  • Richard Horowitz, MD
    Richard Horowitz, MD
  •  David Putrino, PT, PhD
    David Putrino, PT, PhD
10:25am15minVIRTUAL EVENT

Insights from Data Mining of Lyme Disease Patients by LymeMIND

  • Avi Ma’ayan, PhD
    Avi Ma’ayan, PhD
10:40am40minVIRTUAL EVENT

Novel Treatments: Making sense of all the treatment options – Panel – John Aucott – Moderator

  • John Aucott, MD
    John Aucott, MD
  • Tania Tyles Dempsey, MD, ABIHM
    Tania Tyles Dempsey, MD, ABIHM
  • Andrew Petterson, DO
    Andrew Petterson, DO
  • Richard Horowitz, MD
    Richard Horowitz, MD
11:20am30minVIRTUAL EVENT

Bartonella and Co-infections

  • Marna Ericson, PhD
    Marna Ericson, PhD
  • Robert Mozayeni, MD
    Robert Mozayeni, MD
  • Monica Embers, PhD
    Monica Embers, PhD
  • Edward Breitschwerdt, DVM
    Edward Breitschwerdt, DVM
11:50am10minVIRTUAL EVENT

Lyme Disease – 5 years of progress

  • Jason Bobe, MSc
    Jason Bobe, MSc
12:00pm8minVIRTUAL EVENT

Call to Action: Center for Lyme Action

  • Bonnie L. Crater
    Bonnie L. Crater
12:08pm2 minsVIRTUAL EVENT

Lyme Biobank’s tissue repository

  • Liz Horn, PhD, MBIP
    Liz Horn, PhD, MBIP
12:10pm15minVIRTUAL EVENT

Looking towards the future

  • Bennett Nemser MPH, MBA
    Bennett Nemser MPH, MBA
  • John Aucott, MD
    John Aucott, MD
  • Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH
    Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH
12:25pm10 minsVIRTUAL EVENT

LymeX Innovation Accelerator

  • ADM Brett P. Giroir, MD
    ADM Brett P. Giroir, MD
  • Kristen Honey, PhD, PMP
    Kristen Honey, PhD, PMP
  • Eric D. Hargan, JD, BA
    Eric D. Hargan, JD, BA
12:35pm5 minsVIRTUAL EVENT

Savi Glowe – Closing Remarks

  • Patricia (Savi) Glowe
    Patricia (Savi) Glowe

LymeMIND utilizes innovation, transparency and collaboration to accelerate the field of Lyme disease research.

Through our integrated knowledge base, we aim to help Lyme disease researchers identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic target candidates. LymeMIND brings together leaders in Lyme disease research through collaborations, educational events, and an annual conference.

LymeMIND is made possible by generous support from the Cohen Lyme & Tickborne Disease Initiative. Launched in 2015, the Initiative seeks to gather the brightest minds within the research and medical communities to better understand and ultimately stop the rapid spread of tickborne illnesses. It has committed over $60 million to more than 25 research projects across the nation.

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