By Howard Reich

Aug. 4, 2020

If you listen to Chicago saxophonist Sharel Cassity’s compelling new album, the aptly named “Fearless,” you never would know how ill she was when she recorded it.

Her tone sounds full, her technique nimble, the joy of her music-making unmistakable.

But just a few weeks before the recording sessions in July 2019, Cassidy received a diagnosis for why she had felt sick for the past year:  post-Lyme disease.  (See link for article)



Please know there is disagreement in the medical community over what causes lingering symptoms with Lyme/MSIDS.  The author threw the accepted mainstream label “post-Lyme disease” on it but this assumes the infection is gone when there is much to show it isn’t.

  1. First, there’s hundreds of studies showing it: Peer-Reviewed Evidence of Persistence of Lyme:MSIDS copy
  2. Second, the ‘authorities’ in charge of the narrative as well as decisions have severe conflicts of interest and can not be trusted: and
  3. Third, experience.  I’ve lived it.  My husband lived it.  Thousands of others have lived it.  And extended anti-microbials continue to work on us – as is clearly seen by continuing herxheimer reactions.  If a normal, uninfected person were to take antibiotics they would feel nothing.  When a person infected with Lyme/MSIDS takes antibiotics they typically suffer with herxheimer reactions.  Please see: and

This article is misleading and while Cassidy truthfully states,

“If you have it over a year, apparently it doesn’t really ever go away,”

She also misleadingly calls it post-Lyme disease.  

If you had strep throat and took medication for it but still had symptoms after the medication was stopped would you call it “post strep infection?”  Yet this is what our ‘authorities’ who have vested interests in vaccine creation and patents do.  They know that you can’t have a vaccine for a chronic illness – therefore, they will not allow Lyme/MSIDS to be a continuing infection that would benefit from extended treatment because it interferes with their lucrative patents.

You may think this is unwarranted skepticism.  Let me ask you a question: if you stood behind a horse and it kicked you how many more times would you get behind that horse?  The Lyme community continues to get behind horses that kick them!

An IDSA founder, Dr. Waisbren (who happened to practice medicine in Wisconsin) disagreed with his colleagues upon the way Lyme/MSIDS was handled and wrote a fascinating book where he used grams of IV antibiotics in many of his patients successfully:

Similarly to the smear campaign by ‘authorities’ on hydrochloroquine for COVID, there’s been a full-court press against IV antibiotics for Lyme:

Dr. Maloney has written about the bias within the CDC on Lyme/MSIDS:

What’s truly saddening is that Cassidy is considering other careers “when her fingers eventually no longer worked.”  If you are told and believe that this is “post-Lyme disease,” you are not going to consider continuing treatment for an infection.  You will only consider adjunctive therapies that are essentially band-aids that don’t get to the root of the problem – an ongoing infection.  Therefore, it’s highly likely your fingers, along with everything else, will worsen.

Personal note:  We have benefited from antibiotic treatment every single time we have relapsed.  In fact those stints of treatment got us better than we’d ever been before on treatment.

What do you do with this information?  Do you seriously believe this is something we could make up?  How about the thousands of others who experienced the same thing – are they imagining this improvement as well – which BTW is sustainable, not a fleeting thing?