Pass a Bill in Your State to Protect Your Health Freedom to Decline Emergency Countermeasures

Take action by writing to your state legislators. Ask them to pass a bill in your state to protect your health freedom and your right to refuse emergency countermeasures.

NHFA supports protecting the long-standing American freedom of the right to refuse medical interventions that do not have our consent.  This basic constitutional right of bodily autonomy should stand when it is challenged, even during an emergency.  We recommend that citizens contact their state legislators and work to pass strong laws to protect this basic health freedom principle.  Citizens can educate legislators about their expectations of freedom and their vision for a healthy America.
NHFA recommends that states introduce and pass Right to Refuse laws that embody the following health freedom principles (Click Here to Read the Full Model Language):

(a) The right to refuse countermeasures during emergencies and disease outbreaks is protected including the right to decline: medical treatments or procedures; testing; physical or mental examination; vaccination; experimental procedures and protocols; collection of specimens; participation in tracking or tracing programs; the wearing of masks; the maintaining of measured distance from other humans and animals that is not otherwise unlawful; the involuntary sharing of personal data or medical information; and other recommended or mandated countermeasures.

(b) Coercion may not be used against a person who chooses to decline countermeasures such as restricting their access to necessary and important services and lifestyle choices.

(c) In the event a person needs isolation or quarantine, that it be in the least restrictive means possible.

(d) A person must be notified of their right to refuse in writing and by having their rights read to them out loud and a signature of acknowledgement of receipt of notification must be obtained

We are happy to support your efforts in any way that we canClick Here for our advocacy e-learning booklet to get started.  If you have a committed group of individuals wanting to change the laws in your state to protect your rights to health freedom please reach out to us via email to set up an exploratory conversation.

Minnesota passed a law in 2002 that protects the right of citizens to decline treatments in the event of a health emergency.  You can do it in your state too!!!

California Health Coalition Advocacy has drafted a Right to Refuse bill and is gathering support for it.  Click here to read California’s bill draft language

Broad laws were passed since 2000 in many states that give state government expansive powers in the case of a health emergency or bioterrorism emergency.  Don’t let those laws take away your freedoms now. 

Make your laws look like what you want America to look like!
Change your laws if it is needed!

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