Exclusive: Hidden FDA Doc Explains Why “Liar” Fauci Opposes Hydroxychloroquine, Top Doctors Explain

August 4, 2020

Staff Writer

Important Excerpts:

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who authored a study on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, outlined the medical establishment’s campaign against the drug on the War Room: Pandemic show.

He emphasized that Dr. Fauci has “lied to the American people” by insisting that authorizing a treatment for COVID-19 rests on “controlled trials to get anything through the FDA.”

Or, as Dr. Zelenko describes, “there’ 150,000 dead corpses, most of which could have been avoided if Dr. Fauci did the moral and correct thing.”

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BOOM!  It’s getting hotter and hotter in the kitchen and true doctors are fed up with the lies, propaganda, and censorship.  

Please read the whole article but in essence what you must know is that there can only be ONE Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) given to a drug or therapeutic.  The FDA revoked EUA for HCQ back in June citing a lack of evidence it worked and that the risks outweighed any potential benefits.  Our ‘authorities’ are completely bought out and in bed with Big Pharma so they’ve held out EUA for their own lucrative drug Remdesivir or for their own vaccine rather than give it to HCQ. They have done everything in their power to discredit this safe and inexpensive drug:  It is well known that HCQ works best WITH zinc – which ‘authorities’ purposely leave out of the studies.  They also use dosages that could kill a horse.

Government employees paid with our tax dollars are allowed to have patents and financial conflicts of interest. This has been a sore-spot in the Lyme world for decades as they purposely rigged testing for vaccine development – that they own patents on. Then they malign any treatment that competes with their own:

Regarding COVID-19, these same people have done the same thing again. They also have been in bed with Gilead Sciences for decades and Gilead manufacturers Remdesivira direct competitor to HCQ.  Remdesivir is extremely expensive and not backed by results,

But that doesn’t stop Fauci, along with the media, from making public statements that cannot be scientifically supported.

What’s new in topsy-turvy world, where black is white and white is black?








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