MTHFR & Lyme

MTHFR detoxification in Lyme disease by Marty Ross MD image

updated 6/26/20

Marty Ross MD on MTHFR & Lyme

In this video article, Marty Ross MD discusses MTHFR detoxification genetic defect in Lyme disease. Watch the video to learn:

  • what the MTHFR genetic defect is,
  • how MTHFR defect can interfere with detoxification,
  • why it is not always necessary to correct for this defect,
  • how the gut microbiome can fix this problem even if you have a genetic defect,
  • when to take supplements to correct this problem.
(See link for article and video)
__________________________  Pharmacist Suzy Cohen states 100’s of diseases are the result of methylation problems, including Lyme, chronic viral infections, schizophrenia, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, addictive behavior, insomnia, cancer, and more. (Wonderful 1 minute video explaining methylation in link)

While methylation problems do not directly cause Lyme (it is caused by a pleomorphic bacteria called borrelia) it causes severe symptoms due to the inability to clear infections & their by-products, as well as repairing the damage they cause.

If you are extremely sensitive to medicine you probably have a methylation problem.


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