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COVID-19 could lead to increase in tick-borne illness, experts say. Here’s why

As if you needed anything else to worry about in 2020, summer is here — which means tick season is, too.

While experts say ticks are expected to be about average this year, they say the U.S. may see an uptick in Lyme disease cases due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why? Because people stuck at home are spending more time outside, Today reported. (See link for article)



Important quote:

“If they get a case of Lyme disease, it’s not going away on its own and if it goes untreated it can develop into a difficult to treat chronic illness that can be debilitating,” Ostfeld told the outlet.

Unfortunately, “experts” have long contended exactly the opposite, setting patients up for a life-time of debilitating symptoms.  So thankful more accurate information is being given, but the controlled narrative is still alive and well, confusing many.


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