Kills Bartonella: A Brief Guide – Dr. Marty Ross

updated 6/24/20

“New experiments show effective Bartonella treatments must do more than kill growing germ forms – they should also kill hibernating persister forms of Bartonella and include agents to remove biofilms.”   Marty Ross MD

Recent research published in 2019 and early 2020 is changing the approach I take to treat Bartonella. Previous research showed Bartonella has rapidly growing germ forms – thus the antibiotics I recommended in the past treated growing forms only. New research shows that Bartonella also has non-growing forms called persisters. Think of a persister as a hibernating form of the germ that ignores most antibiotics and immune system attacks. In addition, this new research shows that Bartonella can form protective sugar-slime coverings called biofilms. These biofilms can block the immune system and antibiotics from reaching Bartonella. This new research is based on petri dish laboratory experiments.

In this updated article I review the best treatment approaches to eradicate Bartonella based on my clinical experience and this new science. (See link for article)



In my experience Bartonella is as bad or worse than Lyme.  It is what both my husband and I struggle with when we relapse.  Unlike Dr. Ross, our doctor HAS had good results with A-Bart from Byron White for Bartonella maintanance.  For US it has been Berberine that has kept us at bay.  We take 500 mg 3X/day with good success.  Berberine is a wonderful herb and does 1,000 different things.  For more:

Bartonella Treatment:

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