Employers can’t require COVID-19 antibody tests, EEOC says

Businesses can still require viral test to see if workers are actively infected.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made it clear that employers can’t force workers to take COVID-19 antibody tests, as businesses begin grappling with how to safely reopen amid the pandemic.The federal group that enforces anti-discrimination laws said in a new post on Wednesday, however, that business leaders can require workers to take a viral test to determine whether they are actively infected.

The group also noted that employers can measure employees’ body temperatures, a practice adopted amid the pandemic by companies such as Amazon. (See link for article)



Testing for COVID-19 is as bad as Lyme testing:

The PCR is also inaccurate:

The creator of the PCR states it was NEVER intended to diagnose patients but for research and manufacturing purposes only:

The EEOC states they are going to make decisions based on CDC recommendations when that organization has done nothing but flounder on every single aspect of COVID-19:

Testing is also being used in ‘contact tracing’ to monitor people and quarantine them:

Yet, even though the CDC states testing is wrong half the time, they insist on testing newborns twice and separating them from their moms if positive:

Right here in Wisconsin, Governor Evers is pushing ‘contact tracing’ as part of the Badger Bounce-Back Program:  DHS is coordinating the amount of tracers with the number of projected tests and positive cases with the goal of having 1,000 statewide tracers.

Basically, the entire lockdown policy is based upon these faulty tests.





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