British Columbia

Tick bite leads to Langley toddler’s temporary paralysis

Malia Radmore’s mother believes she picked up the tick at a local park and showed symptoms days later

Malia Radmore, 2, was entirely paralyzed, according to her mother Melissa Radmore, after she was bitten by a tick in Langley. (Melissa Radmore)

Malia Radmore is usually an energetic toddler, running around, so when she began crawling on Wednesday, her mother Melissa Radmore just thought she was playing.

But when it was time to stand her up for a snack, Radmore was surprised to see her daughter collapse.

“I tried to get her to stand again, and she collapsed again,” said Radmore, who lives in Langley, B.C.

Soon, paramedics arrived, and the 2½-year-old was taken to Langley Memorial Hospital, before being transferred to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. (See link for article)_____________________**Comment**

The mother found a Rocky Mountain wood tick, although they are typically found east of the Coast Mountains, in her hair. Another example of a tick being where it shouldn’t be.

Interesting quote:

Paralysis from a tick bite is quite rare. The B.C. Centre for Disease Control doesn’t officially track cases, but its public health lab typically consults on zero to two cases each year.

Again, how can something be called “rare” when no one is counting?  This same issue is a problem with congenital Lyme.  The CDC states it’s “rare,” but again, nobody’s counting:

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