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More ticks, risk of Lyme disease in Wisconsin

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — A mild winter combined with a larger population of deer in Wisconsin this year could mean more ticks to look out for.

Experts at the Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence in Woodruff treat people from across the country, but they say Northern Wisconsin stands out.

“It is a highly prevalent area for wood tick diseases and deer tick diseases,” said center manager Kathy McCaughan.

This year, experts say they’re seeing the impact of a mild winter.

“The ticks really don’t go away in the winter they just go underneath the leaves and the snow kind of insulates them and the first tick that we had reported here was the beginning of March already,” said Clinic Program Director Connie Campbell.

Combine that with a higher deer population and more people outside, there could be a higher risk of spreading lyme disease.

“Now with COVID, everyone is out and about a little bit trying to get fresh air, just kinda be vigilant,” said Campbell. “You wear light-colored clothing so that you can spot them really easily, deet helps but you don’t spray it on your skin you spray it on your clothes.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also says to tuck your pants into your socks when you’re going out and perform a tick check when you get back home.

You can learn more about Lyme disease on the State’s Health Department Website.

You can also download an app from UW-Madison to track ticks and learn about removal/prevention.



We really have no idea why there are more ticks. Blaming the weather isn’t prudent considering ticks are ecoadaptive and survive about anything but fire. Research shows it’s migrating birds and photoperiod (light required for ticks to molt) that propagates ticks and the diseases they carry: (research conducted by an independent researcher)

But this doesn’t fit the climate change narrative that keeps being pushed upon us. Right now, climate change is a popular topic so if researchers want grant money they put that moniker in their work so they obtain money.  Even if it’s untrue.

Please see:

This is just another example of how finances dictate the science being done.  Sad but true.

“For blacklegged ticks, climate change is an apocryphal issue.” -John Scott