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Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O

I’ve had my eye on Dr. Shiva for a while now and while I appreciate his information, I also realize he is running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. This post in no way endorses him or his political ideas, but he is highly qualified to speak about COVID-19.  BTW: if you haven’t figured it out yet, politics and science intersect with COVID-19. There’s vested interests all over the place and authorities need to be held accountable. In fact, there’s a distinct similarity between how Lyme and COVID-19 are being handled. Shiva represents a outsider’s take on this issue and he deserves to be heard.

Shiva has a background in modern systems science, information technology and eastern and traditional systems of medicine to develop an integrative framework linking eastern and western systems of medicine. He has important points that deserve consideration.

Key Take-aways:

  • Fauci is embedded into the scientific establishment.
  • It is the overactive, dysfunctional, weakened, immune system that overreacts which is causing damage to the body. This truth leads to a solution that has nothing to do with vaccines and shutting down the country.
  • Medical school education is a Big pharma education.
  • Both Fauci and Birx are deeply embedded in the Big Pharma model of medicine and solution which is vaccines and drugs.
  • Fauci architected and built his entire career upon the BIG LIE that HIV causes AIDS. (Shiva states it’s the suppression of the immune system that allows all sorts of external things inside the body)
  • At 4:00 Shiva discusses the difference between how H1N1 was handled vs COVID-19 (There is an economic discussion and he states that there’s a political reason behind why these two viruses are being treated differently. He also discusses vaccine mandate.)
  • At 7:34 Shiva responds to how they are recording COVID-19 deaths. He states this is collusion. For more on this:
  • He talks about how ventilators are causing damage (80-90% deaths).
  • He states that “One size does not fit all,” and that only the compromised should be isolated. He states Fauci’s approach is Medieval.  Research has shown that isolating people is a detriment for obesity, smoking, and heart disease. Isolation has been shown to increase the likelihood for viral infection due to its known effect of down regulating anti-viral compounds.
  • Vitamin D is an antimicrobial. Getting outside for natural sunlight is very helpful.
  • Building up the immune system is not what Fauci and Birx talk about. They only talk about vaccines and control.
  • At 13:18 Shiva gives the “real solution” for COVID-19. He goes through history with scurvy, pelagra, etc. which are diseases caused by deficiencies.
  • He states our immune system is the key to health and that vitamins D and A are very important to help the immune system. Fauci and Birx won’t ever discuss these things because it doesn’t fit their Big Pharma paradigm.

For more on Dr. Shiva:

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and polymath, holds four degrees from MIT, is a world-renowned systems scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, India’s First Outstanding Scientist and Technologist of Indian Origin, Westinghouse Science Talent Honors Award recipient, and a nominee for the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation. His love of medicine and complex systems began in India when he became intrigued with medicine at the age of five as he observed his grandmother, a farmer and healer in the small village of Muhavur in South India, apply Siddha, India’s oldest system of traditional medicine, to heal and support local villagers. These early experiences inspired him to pursue the study of modern systems science, information technology and eastern and traditional systems of medicine to develop an integrative framework linking eastern and western systems of medicine.