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Doctors see an early increase in tick bites, Lyme Disease concerns

The early spike in tick bites could be attributed to the mild winter, but also because people are taking breaks from quarantining at home, to go on walks and hikes outside.


WELLESLEY, Mass. — For 2-year-old Piper Rosen, it started with an itchy head on Thursday night. It wasn’t until that next morning that her mother, Lori Rosen, said she found the culprit.

“This morning when I was putting her hair up in a ponytail, I found a tick on the back of her head.”

Rosen said over a video interview on Friday that she believes the tick must have latched onto her daughter’s head after she went outside for fresh air and played in the driveway. (See link for article)



Great reminder that despite the frenzy over COVID-19, ticks are out.

The doctor in the article states she’s receiving several calls per day – months earlier than in the past.

There’s  a few points in the article I’d like to address:


More on tick prevention:


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