Cuomo admits his decision to quarantine everyone at once was ‘not the best strategy’ and that he is ‘working on’ release of coronavirus antibody test that will allow people to go back to work

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Dr. Birx Admits Initial Death Estimates Too Extreme

In a nutshell, she admits that the CDC STILL does not have an accurate test as well as the fact that the models used were faulty and don’t reveal what’s happening in reality (South Korea, Italy, Spain).

According to this: “must read” article, perfectly good, reliable tests were offered to the U.S., but similarly with Lyme disease testing the CDC insists upon having their own.  As a result the U.S. has absolutely NO idea how many cases there are due to extremely faulty testing:


Germany is not suffering from a raging infection outbreak because they have been conducting accurate testing since the onset of their first infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) offered the US CDC the test from Germany – and yet CDC made the deadly decision to develop their own test.

The German test was ready and available on January 17th 2020 – including published details of the protocol.

The test had also already been validated for specificity to SARS-2-CoV – using human samples – meaning it would not accidentally give false positives for other respiratory viruses – and also meaning that it would not give a false positive from human genes in the human samples.

Weiler, points out how the CDC has a history of insisting upon their own testing so they can corner the market, putting them in direct competition with the private sector.  He rightly points out what all of us in Lymeland have been screaming about:

It isn’t ethical to be in charge of public health AND own licenses to products.  

Agency scientists should not be allowed use US taxpayer’s funds to develop “their own” test. CDC, and HHS, in fact, should not own anything.”  James Lyons-Weiler

Those suffering with tick-borne illness have had to work about the faulty testing issue for over 40 years.  Doctors to this day are sending people home with a false sense of security after they test negative on the only approved CDC 2-tiered tests available. For decades the CDC has vilified small CLIA-approved labs doing more specialized testing for Lyme disease.  On their website a while back they actually had the nerve to call these tests “home-brewed,” always casting a negative light on ANY test other than their’s.  

I pray this COVID-19 testing fiasco shines a light on a very real problem – the CDC is a captured agency.