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No rash, no fever, so much pain: The case of Illy Jaffer’s painful year

See link for article – but here’s a few important points:
  1. Diagnosis of Lyme disease took a year to obtain.  This is common.
  2. She’s from Texas and according to Dr. Auwaerter, it is not a high transmission state, despite Lyme patients stating otherwise and despite research showing ticks are traveling everywhere:  Blanket statements like these keep patients from getting help.
  3. The article states Lyme is typically cured after 21 days of antibiotics.  WRONG.
  4. The article states “typical” symptoms include a skin rash.  WRONG.
  5. The article states she tested positive but it wasn’t a 100% match. I have no idea what that means.  Did she have fewer bands than the CDC requires OR was it a different strain not picked up by CDC testing?  We will never know but either way current testing is problematic – as it typically is for everyone.
  6. She was prescribed antibiotics, a new pain med, and was pain-free after 21 days showing the importance of treatment. In her case it was help that came LATE.  Authorities should take note of this because they’ve been telling us that late treatment is worthless:  I’m glad someone was willing to treat this poor woman.  Imagine – she could still be in excruciating pain – and there are thousands more just like her.
  7. The article states that she was lucky because not all patients are cured by antibiotics and go onto suffer chronic symptoms.  TRUE.