Convalescent plasma therapy tested on critically ill COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus photo

A pharma company in China is testing convalescent plasma therapy to treat critically sick COVID-19 patients. So far, 13 patients have been treated and some improvements in clinical symptoms have been seen.

In the absence of any preventive vaccine or specific antivirals for treating COVID-19 patients infected with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, a pharmaceutical company in China has turned to plasma taken from people who have recovered from the infection to treat critically ill patients.

Convalescent plasma has been listed as a therapeutic method by China’s National Health Commission.

People who have recovered from COVID-19 disease would have antibodies against the virus. Infusing the antibodies to critically ill patients is expected to improve the chances of survival. The plasma that is transfused contains the antibodies. (See link for article)



Important quote from article:

“Best time to give convalescent plasma containing antibodies is before disease develops. In the case of COVID-19, by the time pneumonia is diagnosed it is too late. That is the reason why therapy using convalescent plasma is not popular for other viral diseases,” Dr. John adds.

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