WLN February 2020 Newsletter


Image from At_A_Glance_WLN_Newsletter_October_22_2019, page 5


  • WLN will do presentations upon request
  • WLN will be exhibiting at the Outdoor Life & Stream Expo: April 3-5, 2020
  • The Tick Borne Illness Center offers tick testing for a fee
  • The Center is recruiting for a number of research studies
  • Please consider purchasing pretreated socks and use the link within the newsletter when making Amazon purchases – both support WLN
  • Wisconsin Watch wants to hear from Lyme patients for a story they are doing.  Email bsablesmith@wisconsinwatch.org.  I know he’s working for a March deadline so please do it a.s.a.p.  If you have given Lyme/MSIDS to your children congenitally it’s especially important to give your story.  You can remain anonymous.