By Shelley M. White, author, Herbalist


That being said, I had no choice but to drop resistance to what is and open my eyes to the following: We must always venture eagerly into the dark. When we reach the light, under no circumstance shall we stand still, unafraid to venture from it. In doing so, by not increasing our consciousness and intelligence, the light will inevitably lose its vibrancy. The light of which I speak is the light of the brain, the heart, and the soul …the light from an influx of continuous energy. Better put, the light IS the influx of continuous energy…(See link for article)



Shelly White is also the author of “Cannabis for Lyme & Related Conditions.”

I found myself identifying with her article on Lyme & Fear.  I have had both.  I know so many patients who unfortunately stop at the fear like a deer in the headlights.  You can’t stop with Lyme, you must keep going even if you have to force yourself.  Not one to sit back and let organisms control my life, I’ve often wished I could infuse these frozen patients into action, but alas, it must come from within.

I overheard a patient at support group meeting telling another patient to push through treatment despite feelings because that’s what it takes.  I smiled as I thought, “She gets it!”  The hardest thing for patients to grasp is the length of time and fortitude this takes.  Of course, I’m not advocating you blindly ignore your body’s reactions but I’ve seen the most bizarre reactions throughout the years.  I’ve seen people with horrific gut issues initially blame antibiotics when they had Bartonella that improved by the very antibiotics they were on.  Herxes are surreal.  It’s challenging to parse out what is herx and what isn’t.  You question your sanity.  Personally, I considered changing doctors a thousand times.  In my experience, it’s not the doctor (if he/she is ILADS trained and experienced), it’s the harshness of the treatment.

Having treated for over 5 years with 2 relapses, I can tell you today I wouldn’t have the health I have had I not pushed through.  With each round of treatment I get better than I was before.  

And to the antibiotic “haters” out there, don’t even bother responding to this by telling me I’m poisoning my body.  Please understand, I hadn’t used antibiotics is over 40 years until my husband and I both became infected with Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella.  We were down for the count.  Life wasn’t worth living.  The most effective treatment for us hands down was layered antibiotics utilizing many types.  But, we’ve tried it all.  

The bottom line at the end of the day is weighing the risks vs the benefits.  Since treatment is so protracted it’s very expensive.  I estimated we spent $12-15K per year per person on treatment.  Not only were antibiotics cost effective, they worked.  Period.  So while I respect your choice NOT to use them, you need to respect my choice TO use them and keep your poisonous words to yourself.